Product Finishing



A wide variety of spray equipment is available including:

·         Air Spray (gravity, syphon, pressure fed)

·         High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) conversions for all above spray systems

·         Air Assisted Airless

·         Heated Airless Spray

·         Electrostatic

·         Full servicing package available using our own trained engineers.



For high volume airless spraying of light to heavy viscosity materials when high pressure, large tip size, or long hose lengths are required.



A full range of Graco spares and consumables are availble including high pressure hose.



A comprehensive range of guns and tips are available.

In partnership with ITW our Finishing Equipment Technologies include:

·         Sprayguns - Manual and Automatic - Conventional, HVLP, Compliant, Airless and Air Assist types.

·         Pressure Fed Cups and Tanks - Stainless, Mild and Aluminium

·         Pumps - Diaphragm and Reciprocating types - low-high pressure, Airless/Air Assisted Airless

·         Electrostatic Sprayguns - Liquid and Powder paint - Manual and Automatic all types

·         Powder Spray Booths - Manual and Automatic

·         Electrostatic Applicators - Liquid Paint atomisers - Bells and Discs

·         2K plural component machines

·         Electronically controlled Reciprocators

·         Spray Booth Filters

·         Operator Protection Systems

·         Paint/Material control feequipmented

·         Compressed air controlled products

·         Hoses and Accessories

·         Compact Trans-Tech Compliant Sprayguns

·         All New Family of Sprayguns from Devilbiss - World Leaders in Spray Technology

·         New Trans-Tech & Advanced Conventional Air Caps & Fluid Tips provide Superior Finishes & Paint Savings


COMPACT Greatly Reduces Operator Fatigue and RSi - Ultra Lightweight Design and Ergonomics

·         Power Air Consumption & Operating Pressures - Reduced Cost of Ownership

·         Compact Advanced Conventional Spray Guns

·         New 'Advance@ Range of compliant High Quality Spray Gun

·         Suitable for all Industries and Paint Materials

·         Easy to clean with fewer Parts means Lower Running Costs


CE Marked and Fully ATEX approved

Spray Booths are an integral part of the modern industrial finishing process whether large or small volume production. It is not only essential to select a Spray Booth that conforms to current legislation but also a reliable Spray Booth built to a high standard and to fully suit your requirements. Spray Booths made by Gallito Ltd are constructed from high-grade materials to ensure a long working life.

All spray booths are fitted with belt driven axial fans, and are available with non-flameproof or flameproof motors. Remote or direct on line starters with overload protection are provided loose with all spray booths.

Gallito spray booths can be designed to suit your particular requirements i.e. Higher than standard; special widths; greater working depth; fully enclosed; forced or heated air input; conveyorised; viewing windows or automatic.

Full Finishing systems from design to installation including, Booths, Conveyors,Ovens and Pre Treatment.



·         Main agents for HODGE CLEMCO blast cleaning equipment

·         Contractor range of Manual blast pots

·         Special machines – slurry blast, soda blast, soft clean

·         Full stock of spares and consumables

·         Blast Rooms and recovery systems

·         SCANGRIT expendable silica free abrasive

·         From stock and for delivery



·         Blast Cabinets and Reusable abrasives

·         Hand and automatic

·         Glass Bead, Alumina and Steel Grit

·         Specialist supplier to the Contractor and Metal finishing industries